Technical assistance, spare parts service and teleassistance.
Fast and effective services always at Customer service

Technical assistance, spare parts service and teleassistance.
Fast and effective services always at Customer service

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After sales service
All Colosio machines and accessories are produced entirely in Italy and are manufactured with the utmost care and efficiency, with attention to every detail. With over 2.000 diecasting machines in 50 countries, Colosio after sale service certainly is at top level as regards customer's satisfaction and works with rapidity and efficiency.
An extremely available and effective telephone service allows to solve immediately the great majority of inconveniences without any burden for the customer. The teleservice preparation for all the machines allows monitoring any eventual electrical inconvenience directly from Italy.
When, then, an intervention on place is necessary, Colosio - aware of the costs of a production stop - is able to mobilize an engineer in extremely short times, being able, among other things, to rely on the logistic support of a dense network of technical-commercial collaborators present on all the main markets.

Spare parts service
Since the first manufactured components, Colosio’s spares for machines are available in our warehouses, with short deliveries and competitive prices. In fact, as we manufacture every part of our machines in house, we are able to optimize times and costs, supplying our customers with first level service products and services. Relying on the expertise of over 100 collaborators, the machining, the assembling and testing of all our diecasting equipment are carried out at our 9,000 sm. workshop at Botticino. The newest CNC machines, machining centers and 3D control of parts, allow to quickly making any spare part available, assuring the Customer of the highest quality machines and a prompt response to the growing needs of the diecasting world.

The Colosio diecasting machines are all ready for the teleservice via internet.
The system significantly reduces the time and costs of any technical interventions, offering the possibility for manufacturers and customers to have a virtually continuous and bilateral control of machine performance. The teleservice stations in Colosio are able to keep multiple sessions active at the same time, thus providing support to several customers at the same time. The Colosio technician connected in teleservice to a machine is able, from the company headquarters, to view in real time the status of the machine through Supervisor and interact with the customer maintenance team to ensure a return to operations in the shortest possible time.

Pure efficiency
We have focused our attention on the production of technologically advanced and solid machines with a modern design.

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