Total control of the working
parameters of the diecasting cell

Total control of the working
parameters of the diecasting cell

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To face in the most practical and modern way the exigencies of the foundries, that need to control in real time the die-cast pieces correct execution, is available the FULLCOLTROL system.

By every injection are calculated, visualized and recorded the parameters that define the die casting process quality and constancy: 1st phase speed, 2nd phase speed, 2nd phase starting point, 2nd phase stroke, slug thickness, die filling time, intensification pressure, intensification pressure rise time, speed in the gate area, specific pressure and by additional request various temperature points. The data of every casting can be recorded and displayed in special report pages. Parameter tolerances can be changed at will. Possibility to insert alarm system to the set values, for an immediate detection of any deviations outside the tolerances.

Specific calculations are carried out by the PC, to assist in the machine setting.

The reasons for the production down time can be recorded and summed up in special report pages.

It is possible the SPC analysis of every taken parameter.

Pure efficiency
We have focused our attention on the production of technologically advanced and solid machines with a modern design.

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