Quality, health,
safety and environment in the foreground

Firm policy
Quality, health,
safety and environment in the foreground

Firm policy
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COLOSIO has always been paying the utmost attention to the Customer, to the protection of the environment and protection of the workers health and safety: so the Direction believed that the adoption of a System of Quality – health and safety and environment management, according to the rules ISO-9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018, represents a valid instrument to get a steady improvement of the level of efficiency of its own products, processes and company performances, human resources protection and environmental performances.

The Direction decided to direct the efforts of the whole company personnel, towards a careful management of the quality, health & safety and environment problems, engaging to:
  1. keep the compliance with all the current applicable and in case undersigned laws and regulations.
  2. Evaluate periodically the organizational context, taking into consideration the needs of the parties involved.
  3. periodically analyze risks and opportunities for every business process
  4. ensure the participation and involvement of all staff in decisions relating to S&S issues;
  5. fix appropriate aims within the middle-long term, that can be periodically measured, so as to check the degree of attainment.
  6. pursue the steady improvement in all its forms, intent on the prevention and reduction of non-conformities, both of product and as regards accidents at work.
To this end, following principles are pursued:

Satisfy the needs of its own internal personnel through:
  • growth paths,
  • loyalty of the personnel
  • identification of dangers, evaluation and check of the company risks to assure healthy and safe working places,
  • emergency prevention, assuring health and safety, in order to prevent accidents and occupational deseases,
  • steady training and making aware of company dangers / risks.
Satisfy the needs of the customers through:
  • ever more competitive products,
  • spare-parts availability in warehouse,
  • timeliness in the deliveries,
  • ability to meet the specific requests of the customers,
  • continuous research, innovation and development.
Assure the quality of the supplied products through:
  • correct design,
  • precise realization,
  • validation of the productive processes,
  • dedicated test on the productive processes.
Assure the correct management of the equipments through:
  • renewal of the fleet of machines,
  • correct maintenance of the fleet of machines and tools,
  • machines utilization in safety conditions,
  • measure and test of the efficiency of the productive processes,
  • plans of improvement.
Assure reliable suppliers through:
  • steady involvement and sharing of its own principles about quality and health & safety standards and environment.
Assure the protection of the environment through:
  • identification, monitoring and reduction of the environmental impacts coming from its own activities and products, in order to improve the management of the dangerous stuffs, the produced waste, the protection from possible entries in the waste water and in the atmosphere and the utilization of natural resources
  • Use of renewable resources in the generation and consumption of electricity (photovoltaic system)
Botticino, September 2020

Pure efficiency
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